Slick WordPress Designer Needed

Monumental Shift, the world’s first talent agency for marketing thought-leadership, is in dire need of a great WordPress designer. We’re not looking for fast, or cheap, we’re looking for someone who LOVES to create effective, clean, clearly communicated websites. You’ll have full responsibility to design, maintain, launch, architect and implement websites for some of the…

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The most enviable four-minutes in marketing.

Gas station sticky experience

As a web marketer, four-minutes seems like a lifetime. If you had a captive lead for four-minutes, what would you do, or say, to get them to take then next step? Think about the last time you pulled into a gas station and fueled up. Research shows that the average consumer spends 4 minutes and…

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The Ice Cream Cone Paradox

PageLines- Andrew-Davis-signing-Books.png

One of my mentors, once asked me if I’d ‘rather sell an ice cream cone to a million people or one person a million ice cream cones?’ It wasn’t until I’d published (and hawked) a book that I realized the real power of bulk sales. The Realities of One-to-One Selling Sure, in this day and…

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52 Sites (Or the stuff I’m playing with on the web.)


In my travels around the world, I’m often asked what ‘cool web tools, mobile apps and digital toys’ I’m checking out. I’m asked what I think is cool, or ‘what the next big thing’ is. Well, for those of you that asked, here’s what I’m looking at in the web world. My 52 Sites (Enough…

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A Podcast Designed for NPR is Content Venn!

The Unconventionals - A podcast that rises above the rest

I love podcasts! I’ve listened to them for years and even produced one. Unfortunately, most podcasts suck. There are too many jovial interview-shows that don’t have a format, don’t tell a story, and don’t add enough value for the time they waste. That is not the case with a podcast called, The Unconventionals. The Unconventionals…

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Content Venn: At the Intersection of Rickshaws and Magazines

Content Venn - Rickshaw readers

We live in a world of information overload. Every single one of us is bombarded with content we just can’t find the time to watch, read or listen to – even though we want (or intend) to. Whether you’re a publisher, marketer, blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, or Tumblrer (?) you’ve got to find a way to…

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