Set yourself up
for 2017 success.

The most important part of your entire year is planning for the year ahead. After leading dozens of annual planning events for a multitude of brands, we have uncovered the four keys to making your annual planning a huge success.

The Annual Planning Kickoff Event is a full day workshop in which we work with you to set both an overall vision and focused theme for the year ahead, get your team inspired with big picture perspective and innovative thinking, and create a contextual plan that empowers your team to execute the vision day in and day out.

Hosted by your choice of one of our visionary marketing thought-leaders, your team will walk away fully equipped to create and execute the best 2017 marketing plan possible. It is, of course, your team’s road map for the entire year ahead. Let’s make sure they’re going in the right direction.

Brands Who Love Us


Your Choice of Talent

  • Connector.

    Andrew Davis

    Want a big-thinking approach?
    Looking for truly innovative marketing?
    Andrew is your visionary.

  • Connector.

    Michael Brenner

    Need ROI for the big guy?
    Got content but don’t know how to measure it?
    Michael is the expert in leading teams to the return on investment of content marketing.

  • Connector.

    Jay Acunzo

    Looking to foster creativity within your team?
    Or build stronger community with your audience?
    Jay will lead you to do the Unthinkable.

  • Connector.

    Tim Washer

    Is corporate culture getting in your way?
    Does your team need to be more collaborative?
    Is creativity stifled within your organization?
    Tim will help you radically change from the inside out.

Sample Agenda

  • Connector.

    8-9 AM

    Kickoff Session Set-up & Rehearsal

  • Connector.

    9-10:30 AM

    Kickoff: Vision & Theme

  • Connector.

    10:30-11 AM

    Post-Kickoff Chats & Break

  • Connector.

    11 AM - 12 PM

    Inspiration Keynote

  • Connector.

    12-1 PM

    Lunch & Chats with Attendees

  • Connector.

    1 - 3 PM

    Hands-On Workshop: Ideation in Context

  • Connector.

    3 - 3:30 PM

    Post-Breakout Chats & Break

  • Connector.

    3:30 - 4:30 PM

    Execution Planning

  • Connector.

    4:30 - 5 PM

    Closing: Cherry on Top


Don’t Even Think Twice!

If you’re considering hiring Drew or his team to present or lead a workshop for your company or organization, or to provide marketing/branding consulting services, don’t even think twice. Just do it!

Russell Sparkman

Absolutely fit the bill.

When I was tasked with finding a speaker for our annual sales and marketing summit, I did not hesitate to contact them. Our organization–and industry as a whole–is facing new competitors daily and we need to work hard to differentiate ourselves to retain our customers and grow business. We needed someone to energize and motivate our team to think differently about how we go to market, and Drew’s talk on the Loyalty Loop absolutely fit the bill. Now, in almost every meeting we have, someone references Drew’s talk and we are challenging each other in more meaningful ways to show how we are different.

Dorit Baxter

Amazing, energetic, entertaining

They took the time to understand our core business, our unique expertise and value proposition, and organized an amazing, energetic, entertaining presentation that shook our foundations. They truly made us stop dead in our tracks and assess our business. We came away with some valuable, concrete ideas to work with and some long-held beliefs tipped over.

Brenda Larson
Publisher / Carolina Parent

Let’s Talk About Your 2017 Vision & Theme

Every Annual Planning Event starts with a kickoff call to set a vision and theme based on your 2017 goals. Availability is limited, so please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to learn more about your interest and schedule your kickoff call!

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